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simplewallet is a Console Software which manage the Account, it's a CLI Wallet which needs to be run with Parsicoind. it's a necessary Tool for those who wanted to make their own Pool too.


Flags :
--help = Produce help message
--version = Output version information
--config-file = Specify configuration file
--wallet-file = Use wallet
--generate-new-wallet = Generate new wallet and save it to
--restore-deterministic-wallet = Recover wallet using electrum-style mnemonic
--non-deterministic = Creates non-deterministic (classic) view and spend keys
--mnemonic-seed = Specify mnemonic seed for wallet recovery/creation
--password = Wallet password
--change-password = Change wallet password and exit
--daemon-address = Use daemon instance at :
--daemon-host = Use daemon instance at host instead of localhost
--daemon-port (=0) = Use daemon instance at port instead of 18240
--log-file = Set the log file location
--log-level = Set the log verbosity level
--testnet = Used to deploy test nets. The daemon must be launched with --testnet flag
--reset = Discard cache data and start synchronizing from scratch
--rpc-bind-ip (= = Specify IP to bind RPC server to.
--rpc-bind-port = Starts wallet as RPC server for wallet operations, sets bind port for server.
--rpc-user = Username to use with the RPC server. If empty, no server authorization will be done.
--rpc-password = Password to use with the RPC server. If empty, no server authorization will be done.

Commands :
address = Show current wallet public address
balance = Show current wallet balance
bc_height = Show blockchain height
exit = Close wallet
export_keys = Show the secret keys of the opened wallet
help = Show help
incoming_transfers = Show incoming transfers
list_transfers = Show all known transfers
outgoing_transfers = Show outgoing transfers
password = Change password
payment_id = Generate random Payment ID
payments = payments [ ... ] - Show payments , ...
reset = Discard cache data and start synchronizing from the start
save = Save wallet synchronized data
set_log = set_log - Change current log level, is a number 0-4
show_seed = Get wallet recovery phrase (deterministic seed)
sweep_dust = Sweep unmixable dust
tracking_key = Show the tracking key of the opened wallet
transfer = transfer [ ... ] [-p payment_id] [-f fee] - Transfer ,... to ,... , respectively. is the number of transactions yours is indistinguishable from (from 0 to maximum available)

Send and Receive Money[edit]

You can Send ParsiCoins Using a one line Command, but you need to be fully synced with the network, you need to run Parsicoind before running simplewallet, after you got fully synced you can run simplewallet and start using it.
Command :
transfer 2 wallet_address_here 100 -p payment_id_here -f 0.1
on the mentioned example 2 is mixin count, 100 is amount, 0.1 is fee. you need to replace actual wallet address with wallet_address_here and your actual payment id wit payment_id_here . you can remove payment id flag "-p" if it's not necessary.

Just Like ParsiPay You need to use your Public Wallet Address to Receive funds.
you can see your Wallet Address using address Command.


ParsiCoin is a OpenSource Project, You can Access it's Source Code, it's available on Github.
Check Following Guides to build ParsiCoin and ParsiPay: