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ParsiCoin (PARS) is a Private, Untraceable CryptoCurrency Based on CryptoNote BlockChain Technology with a ASIC-Resistant Proof of Work Algorithm. It's a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and medium, that does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity of operations without intermediaries and regulators. Its units of exchange are cryptographically protected (encrypted) units of information. They are protected from copying and counterfeiting by the blockchain technology.

The network, transactions, your account, and PARSes are cryptographically protected (encrypted). Only you control your Wallet. No one can take them away from you or confiscate them, seize them, deny you access, or restrict your freedom to dispose of your PARSes. You can send them to anyone, anywhere in the world anytime. Everyone can contribute, participate in the issue of PARSes (mining) with regular PC. An expensive, specialized equipment is not required for mining. There are no monthly account fees, there is no need for a bank card – instead, you can open or download a ParsiCoin wallet free of charge.


ParsiCoin is Based on Cryptonote unlike many cryptocurrencies which are based on bitcoin, it uses CryptoNight Variant 1 Proof of work algorithm which was introduct by monero for the first time, it's been designed to be ASIC Resistant.

Technical Details

Name : ParsiCoin
Symbol : PARS
Block Time : 120 Seconds
Money supply : 15.000.000 PARS
Address Prefix : 0x90004 (Address Start with "PARS")
Minimum fee : 0.001 PARS
Block reward : Smoothly varying (1 PARS + tx Fees after Reaching 15.000.000 PARS)
RPC Port : 18240
P2P Port : 17240

Official Links

Official Links :

Official Softwares


parsicoind is a Console Software which manage the BlockChain, it's needed to run a full node. it's a necessary Tool for those who wanted to make their own Pool or want to create a Remote Node Server.


simplewallet is a Console Software which manage the Account, it's a CLI Wallet which needs to be run with Parsicoind. it's a necessary Tool for those who wanted to make their own Pool too.


ParsiCoin RPC Wallet (walletd) is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for ParsiCoin payment operations and address management. ParsiCoin RPC Wallet allows you to accept incoming payments, generate an address for each user via ParsiCoin RPC Wallet JSON RPC API and much more.


ParsiPay is ParsiCoin GUI Wallet , it's Available for Windows, Mac & Linux.


PARSMinerGUI is a GUI Miner For ParsiCoin, it's only available for Windows 64-Bit.

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